LastPass and 1Password Keep Your Online World A Secret

May 16, 12 LastPass and 1Password Keep Your Online World A Secret

You can’t remember your Twitter password? The third time this week you couldn’t recall how to enter a site. Por Dios, chica! It’s become one of your biggest time wasters since you stopped watching “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. You need these amazing products the way the Kardashians need new lives. Ready to learn how to use 1Password and LastPass? Listo!

1Password allows you to securely store every account and site that needs a password. This includes credit cards, bank accounts, Pinterest y mucho mas. Once you login, you can see all of your accounts. Ready to use. Gratis for 30 days. If you like it and what’s not to like, you buy it for $49.99 with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If money is an issue, LastPass is your new BFF. It’s free. You can upgrade for $1 per month. Lastpass keeps your passwords secured until you want to disclose them. Fantastico if you want to share your Spotify account with your hermana, Lucy. Remember to share the Spotify bill as well. Who does she think she is? Kim Kardashian?

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