La Vie En Rose

Apr 13, 10 La Vie En Rose

pink office supplies Much like Picasso had a Blue Period, every 8 year old girl in the world had a Pink Period. Some of us, however, never really outgrew our affinity for all rose-colored things. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Us girly-girls know that pink makes everything prettier and more cheerful, and it need not be juvenile as long as you don’t take it to Mariah Carey-esque lengths. I mean, I like Hello Kitty and butterflies as much as the next girl, but this woman is starting to border on creepy.

Anyhoo, a simple touch of pink is enough to liven up, say, your stodgy workplace. A great way to do it is with this adorable keyboard. It is flexible so you can roll it up and take it anywhere with you; and it’s resistant so even if you spill your morning café con leche or buñuelo crumbs on it, it’s a cinch to clean up and won’t suffer any damage. For a little more pizzazz go for this blinged-out version or any of the sparkly desk supplies. Just remember not to overdose on the cuteness; there’s a fine line between endearing and deluded-about-what-you-can-get-away-with-at-your-age.


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