Kick Cellulite’s Butt Once And For All

Jun 19, 11 Kick Cellulite’s Butt Once And For All

You have used every imaginable treatment to fight cellulite: creams, massages, coffee grounds. Nothing seems to have a lasting effect, so you’re ready to take more drastic steps. You may not be want to go the full nine yards with liposuction (scary!), but that’s OK because there are other procedures that are just as effective but much less invasive.

  • Autologous fat injections, or fat grafts, use fat harvested from your own body to fill in the unsightly dimples that have caused us to spend entire summers with our thighs under wraps (although we pretend it’s because we’re so in love with the pareo our tia brought us from South America). You can obtain great results as long as you get the procedure done by a qualified plastic surgeon, so make sure you check up on your doctor’s credentials and experience. Isn’t using your own fat as a remedy for cellulite ironic? It’s like turning the enemy against itself; love it.
  • The kind of dermal fillers that are used on laugh lines and wrinkles can work on your piel de naranja as well. Only downside is, the effects only last for two to six months so you have to keep repeating the procedure.
  • Laser lipolysis is a gentler and safer type of liposuction in which your fat is liquefied with a laser and then drained from your body via small incisions. You will still experience some pain and bruising, but recovery time is way faster and you don’t need to go under general anesthetic (always risky).

Remember your skin will remain looking smooth and taut as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen. If you start knocking back the empanadas and dulce de leche like there’s no tomorrow, you’ll end up right back where you started (i.e. spending bikini season swathed in a pareo).

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