Keeping It Simple With Philosophy’s Purity

Apr 28, 12 Keeping It Simple With Philosophy’s Purity

Aaah. Makeup. You can’t live without it. But chica, at night, you’ve got to give your face a rest. One rule you should live by is: never go to bed with powder and foundation still caked on your face. Proper facial cleansing is important to keep your skin healthy and to keep you from looking like una abuelita before you even turn forty. Conchale, no. One cleanser that cleanses and purifies all in one stop is Philosophy’s Purity.

It’s an award winning, and top rated facial cleanser that goes a long way. Just a few squeezes and it will gently remove all makeup from your face and leave your skin feeling incredibly smooth. It even helps to prevent acne, is safe to use on sensitive skin, and has a pleasant mild aroma that smells like something between fresh squeezed lemons, coconut and warm vanilla. Que rico! Basically, the philosophy of this product is that “purity is natural”.

Sure, your makeup bag might be filled to el tope with the sexiest, high-end brands but there’s no denying that your skin can look its healthiest and most beautiful when it’s free of all those liquids, powders and colors. You want to look in balance with what nature gave you and not like some kind of glamazon parlor experiment. So why not go bare faced? Just make sure to use a good cleanser and moisturizer. With Purity it’s about natural skin that looks healthy in its purest form. Now that is a beautiful philosophy.

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  1. Amelia /

    Sounds like a great product for sensitive skin. The one I’ve been looking for. I am willing to give it a try. Thank you for putting these products out in the media for people to try because with so much out there, it’s very confusing when you’re looking for a good natural product.

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