Keep It Covered At the Airport

Dec 06, 10 Keep It Covered At the Airport

Tis the season to travel, and as you dash to and from airports across the country you probably have been subjected to the new body scans, courtesy of the TSA. So basically, a roomful of strangers get to ogle your goodies while you stand helplessly by. Um, anyone else feeling completely violated? We know it’s for our own safety, which we totally support, but come on TSA. How you going to put a chica on blast like that? It makes you feel more exposed than a backup dancer in a reggaeton video. Thank God there are people out there who understand a girl has her modesty to think about. Rocky Flats Gear is underwear designed to shield you from imaging equipment. Meaning that when you wear it, airport security is going to get a big juicy eyeful of nada. If you’d prefer to keep your regular undies on, you can just slip in Flying Pasties inserts (kind of like fig leaves) which serve the same purpose and even come adorned with funny pictures and messages for those pervy screeners. Protect your intimacy this holiday season and keep the naughtiness out of the airport if you want to remain on Santa’s good list.

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