Jump for SoyJoy

Mar 13, 12 Jump for SoyJoy

Yep. Just yesterday you were writing New Year’s resolutions. And today, you’re breaking them. But no worries, chica. We didn’t forget your promise to a healthier and sexier you, starting with what you put in your mouth. You know what your Mamita always said, you are what you eat. Hmm. Does that mean I’m sashimi and sake? Or maybe a Tamal de Gallo and a Michelada? Because that’s what I ate yesterday for lunch and dinner. I’m international like that. Call me eclectic.

Well, move over boring energy bar. That stick of wood is made for meat heads without a palate. You need something a little tastier for your discerning buds. They know better. So, snack on this. SoyJoy. A bar baked with real fruit and ground soy beans mixed with all-natural ingredients and only 130 – 140 calories. No trans fats. No hydrogenated oils. No artificial colors and flavors. No preservatives. No problem!

Hands down, the banana flavored bar is the best out of all seven. In fact, it tastes just like fresh baked banana bread. Chiquita Banana probably had something to do with this. I mean, she is originally from Colombia and Ecuador where most of the world’s bananas come from. Berry, strawberry and blueberry were sabrosismo too, but the pineapple and coconut mango, struck out. So much for flavors that appeal to our Latino inclinations. But, at least with this bar you can stick to your resolution without feeling one little ounce of guilt.

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