Judy Paz Espinoza

Jan 10, 11 Judy Paz Espinoza

City you live in:
Valparaíso, Chile.

English/Spanish/ Spanglish:
English/ Spanish/ Spanglish, and even though Spanish is my first language I feel way more comfortable speaking in English.

Favorite Latin food you can’t live without:
Cazuela de pollo. I can live without the pumpkin in it though.

What is your Latina contradiction?
I thought a lot about this one. I couldn’t really find a proper answer, so asked a friend of mine who knows me better than anybody else and he just said, “Hon, that is a hard one because you love been a Latina and you do a lot of the things that go along with that personification”.

When you think of Latin culture what are the first words you think of?
Passion and bad tempers.

What is your ethnicity? Or where is your family from?
Chilean. I’m partly native, but from a Spanish/Italian family on my mum’s side, so a bit of those 3. I’m proud Chilena though.

Latina? American? Both?

Favorite Latin artist or music?
Favourite Latin singer ever would have to be Juanes.

iPhone or BlackBerry?

How do you describe your style?
When it comes to my style I describe it as very simple. I like to keep it classy and sexy but again simple. A pair of jeans and heels, kind of shows my lifestyle too. I’m very active but cannot really go into work wearing my tracksuits. A pair of nice, dark jeans and some fashionable shoes makes the difference, plus that way, I can keep a professional image at work but still be comfortable and feel good too.

[description]No Latina contradiction, I just love being Latina[/description]

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