Jewelry You Can Feel Good About

Jan 26, 11 Jewelry You Can Feel Good About

Jewelry is a passion for women of all ages. Growing up, it’s Claire’s where you get your fix for all things pretty and sparkly; then later on in life your obsession shifts over to Tiffany’s. But there is also something to be said for more exotic and artisanal pieces that showcase culture and craftsmanship. SURevolution is a company that creates such pieces, inspired by designs and materials from Colombia and India. Now that’s a mix you don’t see everyday. But the jewelry is so beautiful I’m thinking this is a match made in Heaven and I might just have to put lamb curry on my arepa to further this brilliant connection of cultures. But questionable culinary experiments aside, SURevolution’s accessories are not just trendy and easy on the eye, they also have a conscience. Their business practices are aligned with the principles of fair trade in an effort to connect developing regions of the world with developed markets; and they use sustainable materials for their products. If that is not incentive enough to cheat on Tiffany’s, I don’t know what is.

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    love them!!

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