Japanese vs. Brazilian

Feb 28, 11 Japanese vs. Brazilian

Want perfectly straight and smooth hair? Want it everyday without having to spend 25 minutes straining your arm muscles and frying your hair with a hot blow dryer or straightening iron? Done and done, and right from the comfort of your own home! Rio de Keratin Treatment Starter Kit is the answer to your prayers. Otherwise known as Brazilian Keratin Treatment, this miracle capillary therapy leaves your hair shiny, smooth and not unstylably-pin-straight like Japanese Straightening does.

How do we know? We sent one of our chicas of LaCosmo to test it on her own ‘do (no way we’ll recommend anything that we haven’t tried first). And she got the dirt on the pros and cons of Japanase vs. Brazilian (not men, loca).  The Brazilian lasts a few months and it washes off gradually and evenly, so when your hair grows out it recovers its natural texture uniformly; that way you don’t have a hairstyle that’s half the Bride of Frankenstein and half geisha. Give it a try. We promise you’ll never go back!

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