Janet Outlaw

Sep 09, 11 Janet Outlaw

City you live in:
Killeen, TX.

I speak all three. There are occasions that I am talking to my English speaking friends and I start to speak or want to speak to them in Spanish. When I am with my fellow Latinos, I speak Spanglish.

Favorite Latin food you can’t live without:
Wow! This is a hard question to answer. I would have to say platanos. They are wonderful as a main dish and always set off a meal.

What is your Latina contradiction?
My Latin contradiction would have to be in reference to my temper. Latinos are synonymous with having hot tempers.

When you think of Latin culture, what are the first words you think of?
Beautiful and rich immediately come to my mind. The language, the passion, and the history of our culture makes me so proud.

What is your ethnicity? Or where is your family from?
I am Dominican. My parents were born and raised in the Dominican Republic. I was born here in the States, but my parents made sure that we knew about our culture.

Latina? American? Both?
I consider myself to be Latin American. I always identify myself as being Latina first because I am so proud of my roots but this country gave my parents opportunities. For that I am greatful.

Favorite Latin artist or music?
Marc Anthony would be my favorite Latin artist, but I love everything from merengue to bachata to reggaeton.

iPhone or BlackBerry?
I am definitely an iPhone girl.

How do you describe your style?
My style is very diverse. I have days that I want to rock yoga pants, kick it in my jeans and Timbs. I also have days that i want to be sexy and wear that little black dress.

What is your favorite Latin restaurant?
My favorite Latin restaurant is called Habanas, a Cuban joint in Austin. The food is simply divina.

[name]Janet Outlaw[/name]
[description]The language, the passion, and the history of our culture makes me so proud.[/description]

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