Is Brushing Your Hair Daily Necessary Or A Myth?

Oct 13, 10 Is Brushing Your Hair Daily Necessary Or A Myth?

When my abuelita was young, she took care of her luxuriant mane by brushing it with 100 strokes every day. It made it shiny and healthy, she claimed. Not to mention it gave her a hell of a bicep. And back in those days it was an effective technique because people didn’t wash their hair as often, nor did they have the aggressively cleansing products we have today, so it was a good way to distribute the scalp’s natural oils and remove dust and dirt.These days, however, 100 strokes of a brush are completely unnecessary and downright harmful. Plus, I get my sexy guns by lifting weights at overpriced gyms that offer pole dancing classes.

Excessive brushing can rip hair out, tear the cuticle and cause split ends. And those knots you wake up with at the nape of your neck that look more like dreadlocks? Don’t even think about taking a hairbrush to them. Hair should be detangled with fingers or wide-tooth combs only. Work your way from the bottom up and smooth hair with a brush only after it’s been detangled. Boar bristle brushes are a great option; they are gentle and help keep your hair clean, although there are many different types of brushes. Find the right one for you here. Very important: never brush your hair when it’s wet; that is when it is at its weakest and more prone to breakage. These tips help minimize damage, thus minimizing frizz so you won’t end up with a poufy mess like the one Gloria Trevi was working back during her ‘Pelo Suelto’ heyday.

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