Instant Aid For La Chica With Too Many Bills

Mar 10, 10 Instant Aid For La Chica With Too Many Bills

online financial planning tool You try them on. You look in the mirror. Por fin, you found jeans that make your butt look better than J.Lo’s. Then you look at the price tag and, ay Houston! We have a problem – a plastic problem. Before you swipe for your next pair of Seven Jeans, check out What is Mint? It’s what’s going to take the fear away from opening up that mailbox at the end of the month because you realize you owe money even to la madre de la tia Sally. Mint is an online personal finance service that helps you budget your expenses.

In 5 minutes, you can create an account and add your bank, credit card, home loan and even investment accounts. Mint gives you visual charts so you can see exactly what you’re spending your money on and helps you decide where to cut back. How about arroz con pollo at home next Saturday night instead of Oliva Gourmet? Mint also helps you uncover hidden fees and compares your credit cards to help you find the most money saving card for you. The site offers many other useful features and provides you with investment and student loan guidance. Does it get any better than this? It sure does, it’s completely free and it’s so easy to set up even your abuela can use it. Those jeans may be irresistible but a visit to Mint may make it easier to put them back and head for the sales rack, sin pensarlo dos veces.

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