If The Cup Fits, Wear It

Apr 21, 10 If The Cup Fits, Wear It

find the right bra size Oprah has mentioned it. Vanidades has mentioned it, but have you been listening? You might be placing your precious cargo in a size too small! That’s like the wicked stepsister trying on Cinderella’s slipper. Mija, don’t do it! Every inch counts and we aren’t talking about men this time.

Get yourself measured to find your correct bra size and relieve yourself of back pain and the overflow of boob sticking out from all parts of your bra. The bra that is right for you will make you look sexier, give you better posture and make you strut your girls with pride and joy. Go to your abuela’s sewing kit, get the measuring tape and follow these instructions today. You can also watch this video for a more didactic lesson before you head on over to Victoria’s Secret and splurge on a bra that is cute and functional.”

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