I vibe, You vibe, We all vibe

Jun 27, 11 I vibe, You vibe, We all vibe

When it comes to your sex life, you know what you like and you’re not afraid to say it. This is not abuelita’s day after all, when you just had to lie back and take it. Nope, these days women are as empowered in the bedroom as anywhere else. And if that means you like to add some props to your romps, then more power to you (although abuelita would reach for the nearest rosary at the mere thought of it). We already know that you enjoy your mechanical friends on lonely nights, but what about letting your man join in the fun? The We-Vibe II is no third wheel, it’s the perfect cohort for a night of passion à trois. This C-shaped vibrator is designed to pleasure you and your papi chulo simultaneously to the rhythm of 9 different modes; from a gentle vibe all the way up to Cha-Cha. That’s a whole lot of vibin’! This product comes highly recommended by Latina sexpert Sujeiry Gonzalez, and if she says it’s good, you can take that to the bank. Go on and give it a go; for the conservative chica it may be the only time you introduce a third party to the bedroom. And for the more adventurous gal, well, we’re sure there are plenty of ways you can get creative with it (one hint: it’s waterproof).

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