Humidfy Your Winter Blues Away

Nov 16, 10 Humidfy Your Winter Blues Away

Humidfy Yoru Winter Blues AwayWhile your relatives back in the motherland are getting ready to celebrate a tropical Christmas, you’re waking up to cracked lips, a sore throat and your tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth every morning; all courtesy of the low humidity winter brings. Sigh. Natilla, coquito and buñuelos are not the only things you miss about spending the holidays in Latin America. But while you can buy a box of Maizena and whip up your own Christmas treats, there isn’t much you can do about the weather. But there is something you can do about the humidity, in your own home at least. Humidifiers help keep the air moist, making your living environment much more pleasant and comfortable. They help keep your skin hydrated and prevent you from feeling like your insides were blow dried by the dryer at the car wash. They also help you breathe easier if you have asthma or allergies, and even prevent damage to wooden furniture and musical instruments. There are different types, ranging from small, portable units to large ones capable of regulating the humidity in your entire house. Another thing you should also take into consideration is whether you prefer a warm mist vs. a cool mist humidifier (the warm ones are quieter but need to be cleaned more frequently). Get started by checking these out while you listen to Jose Feliciano’s Feliz Navidad and get in the mood for a very Latin Christmas!

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