HPNG Event: Meet the Digital Media Divas

Mar 21, 12 HPNG Event: Meet the Digital Media Divas

Got a dream? Well, get off your butt y a trabajar como un esclavo, mujer.

Nobody has even gotten anywhere by just counting their lucky stars or praying their daily Hail Mary’s. Don’t get me wrong. As much as I believe in mis angelitos and have been spared from precarious events from playing out in my South American travels, like the time our tour bus missed a Guerilla attack by 30 mins (pour souls in front of us), there’s no such thing as luck when it comes to business. Luck is, point blank, when opportunity meets preparation. And success requires vision, a viable product in the marketplace, a problem that needs resolving or need that needs fulfilling, a whole lot of perseverance and a stomach to take the highs and the blows. That’s not a typo. I meant to say blows.

To put it bluntly; blood, sweat and tears is the name of the game. It’s not easy to be your own boss, but oh, the rewards to fulfilling your passion are countless. Booya to all you naysayers who said we couldn’t do it! Look who’s laughing now.

Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth at the HPNG event, next Tuesday, March 27th, from two Latinas who went from the daily ho hum and drama of corporate life to launching their own successful lifestyle publications, one in the online space and the other in print. Our very own, Lizbeth Cardozo, will be there representing LaCosmopolatina, so don’t miss out. You go, girl!

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