How To Turn Household Items Into Workout Equipment

Oct 01, 10 How To Turn Household Items Into Workout Equipment

turn household items into exercise equipment Let’s be honest, the economy has been rough on all of us. But if our mamis and abuelas have taught us anything, it is to be resourceful! From remedios caseros to having to deal with wearing your older sister’s clothes she doesn’t want anymore, those women know how to make it work through the good and the bad times. But now that we are all grown up and can buy our own clothes, thank you very much, we still need to consider how smart it is to spend $300 on a new pair of shoes. But give them up altogether?! Maybe there is something else we can cut back on. Ken Hunt, owner of Steel Gym, has come to the rescue once again and has given us some handy tips of how we can stop spending a fortune on over-priced gym memberships and use what we have at home:

  • Stairs – Jogging up and down the stairs burns calories. Thirty minutes of jogging up and down the stairs a few times a week can tone up your legs, thighs and buttocks. So take your finger off that elevator button and hit those stairs!
  • Soup Cans – Though they might not seem heavy at all, using cans as your weight for an arm curl will build up the muscle tone in your arms and shoulders. Waiting for yournovelato come back on from commercial? Use this time to get your daily fix of arm curls.
  • Pets – A small dog or cat who weighs roughly five to thirty pounds is a great weight substitute. This can build up the muscle tone in your arms and shoulders. An arm curl with a pet can give you the same results as if it were a fitness weight. As if you need more of an excuse to spend more bonding time with your baby.

Maybe now that you’ve decided to cancel your gym membership and use Ken’s tips instead, you won’t feel so bad about those new boots that you’ve been eyeing that will work perfectly for the Fall!


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