How To Survive Your Office Christmas Party With Your Dignity Intact

Dec 09, 10 How To Survive Your Office Christmas Party With Your Dignity Intact

Ah, the office Christmas party. The perfect time to let loose after a long year of hard work and get down and dirty with your co-workers, right? Wrong! What people tend to forget at these affairs is that they’re NOT a social occasion; it’s still work. After the party you have to go back to your professional environment and face these people, so don’t do anything that will cause you more humiliation than Alicia Machado’s “prayer for the Chinas“ tweet. No need to worry.If you follow these tips, they will prevent any behavior that would put the cast of the Jersey Shore to shame:

  1. Easy on the booze! Maybe two drinks, max. Stick with water or soda after that. You don’t want to end up doing the “Waka Waka” dance on a table in front of your boss.
  2. Now is not the time to make a move on the papasito from Accounts Receivable that you’ve had your eye on all year. No matter how delectable he looks standing right under the mistletoe, the last thing you want to do is garner a reputation as the office skank. Which brings us to…
  3. Dress appropriately. This is not a club so don’t dress like you’re going to one. Leave the cleavage baring top and ultra-low-rise Brazilian jeans at home and opt for something more demure but still festive.
  4. Have an exit strategy planned ahead. Turn down any invitation for ‘after-party’ drinks. It may not be a workplace setting, but the above rules still apply.

Have fun, chica, just not TOO much fun!

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