How To Save On El Mercado

Oct 25, 11 How To Save On El Mercado

Your average trip to el supermercado runs you a couple hundred bucks. Sometimes you don’t even know how you manage to rack up such a big bill, but everyone needs food and cleaning supplies and stuff, so it’s not like you can cut back on groceries, right? Maybe not, but you sure can change the way you shop and save mucho dinero:

  • Check expiry dates on items like fresh produce, dairy, meats and bakery products. Supermarkets tend to stock freshest items at the back and soon-to-expire items at the front. Buying products with longer shelf lives will give you more time to consume them, thus reducing the collection of mold in your refrigerator and by extension the amount of money you are literally throwing away.
  • Take advantage of special deals on staples like shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc. These are things you are going to use anyway, and they’re not going to go bad so it’s OK to buy a six-pack of deodorant.
  • Coupons! There’s no need to go all Extreme Couponing up in here, but cut out coupons for products you actually use and don’t forget your store membership cards, you can rack up points and savings.
  • You’ve heard this before, but it’s true: don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. That rumbling in your stomach makes every bag of potato chips, cookies and cupcakes look irresistible, so you’ll end up buying more stuff than you meant to.
  • The products stocked at eye-level are usually the most expensive or the ones that generate the highest profit margin for the store, so stoop down and look for better deals on the lower shelves. A little back pain can save you a lot of cash!

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