How To Revive Suede

Mar 01, 11 How To Revive Suede

You love your darling suede boots so much, you hardly wear them for fear of scuffing them. That’s the double-edged sword of suede footwear; they’re divinos, but easy to ruin. Even mami, that maverick of household repairs and stain removal, is at a loss with what to do with suede.  But there’s actually plenty of things you can do to ensure your suede will live to see another day.

  • For starters, remember that “prevenir es mejor que curar” , so treat your boots with a water-repelling agent.  It will not only stave off possible water damage, the sworn enemy of suede, but will also help your boots resist dirt and stains.
  • If they do get wet, gently absorb as much of the water as possible with a towel and then let air dry. Do not apply heat!
  • Dry stains can be removed using a pencil eraser, or an emery board. Rub the area in an up-and-down motion, not in circles. Once again, be gentle. You don’t want to scrape the whole piece off.
  • Finally, store your boots in a dry (moisture causes mildew) and dark place (sunlight causes discoloration).

Now you can put those boots on without fear because you know the secret to bringing them back to life!

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