How To Make Your Home Latina Chic

Jul 02, 10 How To Make Your Home Latina Chic

how to make your home latina chic Us Latinas have a distinct style. Our food, our music, our culture have all infused us with a warmth and joy that shine through in our choices, especially in our surroundings. However, sometimes we tend to go into overload mode when it comes to interior decorating. I declare guilty as charged. That’s why Cristina Mella editor and founder of Latino Living, a home decorating site for Latinas, provided us with a couple of useful tips that will help us create modern and practical living spaces that reflect our roots.

  • Think of decorating as a process with different layers. The first layer consists of walls and big furniture. Choose light colors for these pieces, they will reflect light and give the illusion of a bigger space. Leave the bright colors for the accent pieces and textiles such as curtains, pillows, carpets or accent walls. These are perfect for adding a touch of color and personality to your décor.
  • An organized home is a chic home, so para afuera with everything you don’t use anymore! Look around and throw out anything you wouldn’t take with you if you were moving. Think multi-function when it comes to choosing accessories and furniture. For example, an ottoman offers valuable storage space and can also serve as an end table or an extra seat when needed.

Follow these consejos and you will always have a Cosmopolatina-chic home!

Picture: Claudia Bryant via Oak Management

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