How To Get Out Of Your Cell Phone Contract

Sep 06, 10 How To Get Out Of Your Cell Phone Contract

how to get out of your cell phone contract So it turns out your cell phone company is crap. They’re charging you a bunch of weird service fees and reception is not what you’d expect. Or maybe you just really, really want the new iPhone 4, like NOW. Either way, you still have like a year and a half left on your cell phone contract and no hopes of getting out early.

When you were kids you could get your hermanita to do your chores for you and your brainy primo to do your homework. Wouldn’t it be great if you could, once again, find someone to take over the responsibility for you? It’s possible, with CellSwapper. Touting themselves as “the eBay of cell phone contracts”, this service allows you to find someone to transfer the remainder of your contract to. This isn’t easy of course, so many users offer extra incentives to the recipients, like cash or the inclusion of the phone with the contract. Buyers get to avoid activation fees and sellers get to avoid early termination fees so everybody wins. Except for your primo who is probably going to end up taking over for you anyway.”

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