How To Fake Looking Skinny

Jun 05, 11 How To Fake Looking Skinny

You know what they say: if you got it, flaunt it. And if you don’t? Fake it, we say. It has never been easier to have the figure you want (or at least look like you do) with some very clever pieces of clothing.

  • The Skinny Shirt, for instance, is a nifty cross between a stretchy camisole and a collared button-front shirt which smooths your midsection and allows you to do layers without the bulk, resulting in a look that’s both slimming and put-together.
  • Thank God for Spanx! This heaven-sent shapewear replaces the uncomfortable mess of hooks and laces that were the girdles of abuela’s day. You can streamline either upper or lower body comfortably and discreetly, for knockout curves that will turn heads everywhere you go. And you don’t even need to dread the beach this summer with their line of slimming swimsuits. Cue celestial bells and Hallelujah chorus.
  • Say good-bye to the belt buckle bulge under your shirt, or the saggy pants that result from going beltless in order avoid said bulge. The Invisibelt has a flat clasp that permits wearing fitted tops over it with nary a lump in sight, giving you an instantly sleeker look. It’s also cute enough that you can let it be seen, if you want.

These are your new secret weapons, chica. Don’t worry; we’ll just keep them between us….

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  1. Amelia Diaz /

    Spanx, a woman’s best friend. Wear them to slim/smooth your torso and hide bulges, however small they may be, under that sweet little black dress.

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