How to Fake a Good Night’s Sleep

Apr 20, 12 How to Fake a Good Night’s Sleep

Sure. Vampires are hot and all but, mujer, pretending you’re some nocturnal creature and pulling an all-nighter, well, that look just doesn’t suit you. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. And if you don’t get much of it, you’ll look more Walking Dead than the sexy chica you are. But, no worries, I’ve got a couple tips that will snap you right to attention and help you fake it like you got plenty of Zzz’s.

  1. Take a cold shower. It’s not just for cooling you down when your hot and bothered and it’s not appropriate to do the vertical mambo. The cold water stimulates circulation as soon as it hits you.
  2. Scents can also help to awaken your senses. Use body wash like Dove in Peppermint. Dove also has other body washes that moisturize, which helps your skin look smoother and less haggard.
  3. Make sure to moisturize your face and definitely don’t go heavy on the foundation. A lot of makeup can make small wrinkles and blemishes look even more noticeable. You want to look like your Tia Clara who leans towards payasa? I didn’t think so.
  4. Lack of sleep might make you look pale, so definitely use a bright blush on the cheeks to give you a natural, healthy looking flush.
  5. For your eyes, just use a tea bag or apply something cold, like sliced cucumbers or a bag of peas. A dab of shimmer cream in the inner corners of your eyes will help them look fresher too.
  6. Red eyes? Leave the red for your lips and dress, not your eyes unless you’re really going for the zombie look. Just use Visine. It works. De verdad.

I can’t promise that you’ll look as fresh as the morning dew in the Yunque forest in Puerto Rico, but if you follow these steps you’ll be well on your way to putting that zombie to rest. And next time, chica, make a hard stop at 1:00 AM and get your butt to bed.

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  1. Stephanie Cardozo /

    I needed this tips this weekend. :) Had a vigorous seminar this weekend with an average of 5 1/2 hours of sleep a night, but it was so worth it! I didn’t know that putting shimmer cream on the corners of your eyes will help too. Thank you for the tip. Will be sure to use ALL of it.

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