How To Catch Un Mentiroso

Oct 12, 10 How To Catch Un Mentiroso

HOW TO CATCH A MENTIROSOMy number one pet peeve? Liars. Everyone hates liars, but unfortunately we get lied to our faces pretty much every day. From your niece’s little white lie when she denies eating your last piece of tres leches before dinner (although she’s still got cream smeared on her face) to the back-stabbing co-worker who claims, in front of the boss, she didn’t take credit for your idea; deception is a daily occurrence. Some liars are easy to catch (like the guests on Laura en America.

Que pase la amante! is no longer a surprise statement on that show), but others are more adept at hiding their falsehoods. Read on to find out what clues to look for when you suspect someone is being less than honest:·

  1. Fidgeting. A dead giveaway is when someone can’t stop moving, rubbing their temples, touching their face or shaking their legs. Crossing their arms, covering their mouth and biting their lip are also signs that they may not be speaking the truth.
  2. Reluctance to make eye contact = hiding something! Probably their dilated pupils which indicate a liar. Also, the direction their eyes are looking in is a clue. If someone is looking to the upper left corner they are invoking the right (creative) side of the brain. That means they are making something up (i.e. a LIE) rather than recalling it.
  3. Stuttering, going ‘uh’, ‘er’, ‘ah’ excessively and pausing frequently are signs someone is trying to make something up on the spot

Read up more on how to sniff out a dirty mentiroso here, and become a certified liar-buster!





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