How To Avoid Wasting Time On Hold

Aug 09, 10 How To Avoid Wasting Time On Hold

how to avoid wasting time on hold How many hours of your life have you spent on the phone with your bank, airlines, the power company, phone company, credit card company and dozens of other companies? Whatever your answer is, it’s too many.

They have you wait endlessly on hold, and that’s only if you manage to reach the right department after navigating a labyrinthine touch-tone menu. You can watch la novela and get el oficio done while you wait and you will still be on hold. Never again, chicas. Let Fonolo do the tedious work for you (of waiting, not el oficio. If only). Simply log on and find the company and department you want to call. For example, let’s say you want to report your stolen card to Visa. Fonolo makes the call, goes through the menu and calls you when it has reached the appropriate department and the system is ready for you to talk to a real, live person. Padrisimo, no? Saves you time and frees up your phone so you can dial in your vote to American Idol. Now we only need a family version of Fonolo, so when your sister doesn’t pick up the phone it can track her directly instead of having your family members call you trying to find her.”

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