How do you feel about online dating?

[guapo1] Ha. Ha. I’m sure some people do literally date online. I prefer to date in person, but there is nothing wrong with having met online.[/guapo1]
[guapo5] I’m actually using an online dating website right now, and have been very successful with it in the past. I believe it’s a great way to expand your social network, meet new types of people and increase confidence levels. So many people, including myself, are guilty of secluding themselves and not finding the right person for them. Reluctantly, they end up settling. [/guapo5]
[guapo4] Never done it. I am sure it’s good for some people.[/guapo4]
[guapo6] Although I have never tried it, I can see how it saves A LOT of time; however, it’s not fun running into people pretending to be someone else. Dating should be organic.[/guapo6]

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