Dance to This Remake of Oscar D’León’s “Llorarás”

Mar 07, 12 Dance to This Remake of Oscar D’León’s “Llorarás”

That Don Juan who thinks he’s el Papi Chulo of the century. I knew he was a good for nothing heart breaker with his perfectly dark skin and his thick, Crew product laden brown hair. He’s got the THD syndrome: Tall, dark and handsome. These are his weapons that make girls like you fall to their knees. Boba!

Well, snap out of it, chica. We’ve all fallen for those types, but you’ll get over him. And to help ease the pain, I’ve got the perfect song for you to get through the Papi Chulo blues. Remember, Oscar De León’s famous song 4? It just got a little better. You’ve been my loyal companion through many heartbreaks, Oscar, but I am hitting replay to a new sound called RIOH,a Pop Fusion Latin Band out of NYC. Wepa!

New York City Singer/songwriter/producer, Roman Rojas who hails from Venezuela, blends new electronica sounds with Latin rhythms to create this hot and younger version for our generation. The new twist? It’s the first time it’s sung by a woman, Mireya Ramos. And it’s the first time, the song has been recorded by another artist other than D’León. So, blast it, mujer. Take it to the table tops, the dance floor or your kitchen and mend your broken heart to the sounds of salsa and electronica.  You can see a clip of their music video here. It may not be the first nor the last time you’ll fall for another THD, but at least you’ve got this song as ammo against un corazón partido.

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