Heels Without The Pain

Aug 22, 11 Heels Without The Pain

We all adore our sky-high heels, and how sexy they make us feel. But at the end of the night when our feet are a throbbing mass of blisters, maybe we love them just a little less. It’s not their fault they’re so uncomfortable, after all “para lucir hay que sufrir”, right? Well, you can throw that old adage right out the window, along with your collection of curitas. All you need now are Foot Petals, the most complete line of protective gear for your tootsies. They have cushions and insoles to keep every part of your foot shielded and comfortable, from your toes to your heels. They even have protective strips to keep the straps of your shoes from digging into your skin. How genius is that? You can also show your stilettos some love (when they’re not trying to murder your feet) by pampering them with the awesome shoe care products Foot Petals make. Now you can actually dance the night away without having to choose between going barefoot after midnight and feeling like you’re giving yourself gangrene with every step you take.


  1. Mirna /

    just in time for a wedding I have next month. thank you!

  2. Bianca /

    Definitely going to try these! because I love heels but my feet don’t.

  3. Thank you. yes, maybe I’ll take a pair of flats in my handbag (even tuohgh, I was planning to be very cool tonight and only wear a clutch let’s see if I can manage it :) Totoro is doing very well and sends regards :) I’m still trying to figure out what alternative picture to use for the header It’s hard to find something as cute as Totoro.Hope you’re having a good weekend, Sue. xx

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