Have No Fear, The Juicebar Is Here

Mar 16, 10 Have No Fear, The Juicebar Is Here

solar charger for all your devices Don’t you just hate it when you’re listening to your favorite song on your way to work and all of a sudden your iPod dies? You were about ready to break out into a full-out song and dance routine because the best part was coming up, too. How about when the battery on your cell phone gives out right in the middle of the juiciest chisme? Now you’ll never know who Mariela was cheating with!

That’s why I nearly fell off my chair when I discovered the Juicebar Solar Charger (www.solarjuicebar.com). I was flechada instantly! This cute little gadget stores solar energy for up to two months (!) and uses it to charge your iPod, cell phone, and even PDA. You can use it anywhere in the world, so be sure to keep it in your purse for those critical moments when you need an emergency charge. It’s a must-have for ladies who enjoy camping trips. Don’t have time to let the Juicebar catch some rays? Hook it up to your computer through a USB port for a quick energy charge and you’ll never have your groove thrown off by an unruly battery again.


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