Hangover Helper

Jan 12, 10 Hangover Helper

You were out last night parrandeando like there’s no tomorrow. You don’t seem to remember a thing past drink number five and you’ve woken up feeling like you’ve just been hit by un camion.

Don’t worry. LaCosmo has found the best (and fastest) cure for la resaca. The ideal remedy is to prevent it, but here’s the backup once damage has been done

  1. Agua de coco. Get two ice cold cans. Coconut water has 15 times more electrolytes than Gatorade. This will jump start the rehydration process.
  2. Have a banana. The potassium in bananas will balance out your body’s fluids.
  3. Huevo frito! Fried eggs have essential fatty acids and vitamins that will help replenish your body of nutrients.
  4. Drink four 8 oz. glasses of tap water, but not all at once. This will make sure you are completely rehydrated.
  5. Take a multivitamin. I know. You’ve just had coconut water, bananas and fried eggs, but a supplement is still essential.
  6. Take a baby aspirin or just 1 aspirin. This will help your headache.
  7. Jog or run for 10 minutes. I know this one is difficult after everything you’ve consumed, so definitely rest at least an hour before you do. Exercising will make your body sweat which will aid in releasing any toxins from your body.

Next time, try alternating between glasses of water and margaritas. Feel better chica! For even more tips on how to cure a hangover visit: http://cocktails.about.com/od/healthsafety/ht/hngovr_rmdy.htm

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