Handle With Care

Jul 11, 11 Handle With Care

My mami always says you can tell a person’s age by their hands. It’s true, too. Have you ever seen a young-looking woman with a smooth face and thought ‘wow, she looks good’ but seconds later you pan down to her hands and AAAGHH! It’s like the crypt-keeper down there. No one wants that, do they? What most people never think about, is that the skin on their hands is just as sensitive as the skin on their face, but prone to more abuse (hours of oficio with abrasive cleaning products do your hands no favors). To avoid looking 30 from the neck up and 60 from the wrist down, follow these handy tips (yeah, pun intended):

  • The golden rule of beauty: moisturize! Especially every time after you wash your hands. Try a lotion with paraffin for extra softness.
  • Kill two birds with one stone with an old secreto de familia. Rub pure almond oil on your hands and then stick them in regular old rubber gloves and proceed to do the dishes or scrub the bathroom.  You’ll soften your hands while getting boring household chores out of the way.
  • When you go to bed at night, use the same wrinkle cream you use on your face to coat your hands.

Use plenty of sunscreen on your hands and arms when out in the sun.

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