Gym-Pact: Put Your Money Where Your Body Is

Jan 27, 12 Gym-Pact: Put Your Money Where Your Body Is

So, how are the New Year’s resolutions going? Still hitting the gym 7 times a week like you promised yourself? Exagerada! No wonder you fell off the wagon, loca!

Let’s face it, most people have completely given up on their resolutions by el Dia de los Reyes, but we say all you need is a little mental motivation. Some money in the middle will light a fire under your butt to drag yourself to the gym.  That is the idea behind Gym-Pact, the app that does more than count calories or measure your BMI.  This baby actually rewards you when you go to the gym and penalizes you if you don’t, with actual real-life dinero. It’s like your mami nagging you to clean your plate and punishing you if you didn’t, which, come to think of it, is the the whole reason you got here in the first place!  Ugh! There are no points nor Monopoly money involved, it’s all real Benjamins here. But don’t you worry, chica, you set your own parameters. You determine how many times a week you will commit to working out and what the monetary stakes will be. If you make it to the gym, you check in. If you meet the weekly pact you made for yourself, you get your reward. If you don’t, the proverbial slap on the hand is forking over your dough to the community kitty. Ouch! Double whammy. Hit us where it hurts the most AND curb our fabulous Latina curves from becoming voluminous Latina curves.

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