Guide To Foreign Cultures

Jan 20, 11 Guide To Foreign Cultures

You already know that not all of your Latin customs translate to the gringo world (i.e. kissing hello or Dia de los Inocentes in December) and vice versa, but what about the world beyond that? Surely a well-traveled Cosmopolatina has encountered people from different cultures and may have even experienced a faux-pas or two. In order to prevent future humiliating gaffes, brush up on your international etiquette. You’ll learn not to serve steak to a Hindu (they consider cattle sacred), how to correctly address a Chinese person (the order of names is reversed in the Far East; it goes last, middle and first), and that you should never send a Russian person an even number of flowers (even flowers are reserved for funerals), among many other things. It’s essential for business and when traveling abroad to be aware of at least the major cultural differences, para que no vayas a meter la pata. Take a little time to study before any inter-cultural exchange and make sure you keep your patas out of it.

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