Grow It At Home

Apr 19, 11 Grow It At Home

Abuelita’s cooking was the stuff of legends. So was her lush and plentiful garden. Her home-grown spices added that special zing to all her dishes that kept everyone coming back for seconds. You dream of having your own little herb garden too, but living in an apartment has so far put the kibosh on that one. Fret not, chica, because Grow Bottle is helping to keep the dream alive. You can have your own hydroponic and socially-aware herb garden indoors. Each herb is grown in a container made from a cut wine bottle and other repurposed materials, and the kit includes certified organic seeds such as basil, mint, parsley and oregano. However, the containers are reusable (natch) so you can grow all kinds of delicious and exotic herbs and spices and put some life back into your cocina. Loves the Grow Bottle! With its style and eco-consciousness, it has LaCosmopolatina written all over it.

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