Grand Central’s Hidden Gems

Feb 15, 12 Grand Central’s Hidden Gems

Everybody loves secrets. At Grand Central Station in New York City, there are plenty. When that hot guy who just moved from Colorado takes you out on your 3rd date, impress him with your architectural knowledge on one of the most historical and romantic places in the City.

First, whisk him away to the “whispering gallery”, located on the Grand Central Terminal dining concourse across near the famous Oyster Bar & Restaurant. Here, the acoustics of the low ceramic arches causes even a whisper to sound like a shout. No lo crees? Just test it out. You and your hombre will have to stand in opposite corners of the large arched entryway. Face the corner and whisper a secret you can’t bare to tell to his face or something fun like (because it’s not like you really believe it, right?) “Que macho que eres” or “I don’t have any panties on”  just to see if he can hear you. He should be able to hear your voice as if you were right next to him! We’d like to call it magical or incredibly freaky, but los magos had nothing to do with this one. The experts say this happens because the whisperer’s voice follows the curve of the domed ceiling.

Next, take a stroll under the stars and pretend you’re in your very own cuento de hadas. The ceiling over the Main Concourse, with its famous mural of the stars, is one of Grand Central Terminal’s most famous features. El secreto? Its artist, Paul Helleu, painted it backwards. But official documents state that he was simply inspired by a medieval manuscript that showed the heavens as they would have been seen from outside the celestial sphere. Que romántico!

Want to know about another hidden gem at Grand Central? Look up and take a closer look. You’ll notice a dark patch on the carefully-restored blue portion of the mural. This patch shows the color of the ceiling before restoration; when it was stained with over 100 years of smoke, smog, and dirt. There are many more secrets but we’ll leave those for another day.

Shhh. Don’t tell anybody I told you about this. Just keep it between us, chica. We don’t want the whole world to know.

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  1. Amelia Diaz /

    This was a very interesting article. Kept my interest all the way through. Next time I visit New York I will make sure to go see these gems and “test” the acoustics for sure.

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