Good-Bye, Gastronomic Gaffes

Apr 06, 10 Good-Bye, Gastronomic Gaffes

easy fixes to common mistakes I inherited a lot of things from my beloved abuelita. Her nose, her propensity to gain weight easily (thanks a lot), even her luxuriant mane (a sincere gracias for that one). Alas, one genetic gift I was cheated out of was her magic touch in la cocina. Julia Child I most definitely am not. No matter how hard I try, I always seem to fall just a little short of actually edible cuisine.

But there is hope, my fellow non-gourmet amigas. These quick fixes for common cooking mistakes will help salvage your culinary catastrophes. For example, as (allegedly) easy as it is to make, my pasta always comes out all mushy. The solution to this is sautéing the pasta with a bit of olive oil or butter. Ta-da! Good as new. To avoid lumpy mashed potatoes, start cooking the spuds in cold water so they cook evenly throughout. Overcooked vegetables can be turned into a lovely puree by mashing with a bit of butter or olive oil, or add cream or stock to make into a soup. Too-crispy cookies can be softened by leaving in a plastic container for 24 hours with a few apple slices (seriously!). Your coffee too bitter? Don’t throw out the whole pot, just add a pinch of salt to balance the taste. These tips may not help you win Iron Chef, but at least you’ll be able to cook dinner for your boyfriend without fear of poisoning him. For more tips visit this very useful site.


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