Going Out Survival Kit

Jun 04, 10 Going Out Survival Kit

Prepping for a night ouarmy girl t is akin to gearing up for war, with your friends helping you primp and dishing out last-minute consejos. You need to be ready to avert every disaster, from an obnoxious zit popping up unexpectedly, to a rebellious piece of spinach stuck between your teeth.  A Cosmopolatina is always prepared, be it for a trek deep into the jungles of la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta or for a night of clubbing in the city. With this survival kit we’ve put together for you, you’ll be equipped to handle any eventuality that dares try to get in the way of your good time:

1.       A mini-roll of dental floss is essential to avoid la sonrisa boqui-cerrada all night long

2.       Breath spray, an item that must never be absent from your bag. No further explanation needed

3.       Lip balm, nothing too shiny or sticky. Guys tend to hate the taste and texture of lip products, so be sure it’s enough to moisturize your lips, but not give that Carlos Ponce look-alike a mouthful of wax. Try Carmex Moisture Plus

4.       Mini-perfume, to keep you smelling like a garden full of roses even in a smoky bar

5.       Visine and pressed powder: believe it or not, your best allies in case a pimple decides to crash your party. A couple of drops of Visine reduce the redness, the powder helps cover up the rest.  Plus, a mild dusting across your face helps avoid unwanted shine.  Preferably your powder compact will have a mirror for quick check-ups.

6.       Travel size moisturizer for dry skin of course, and a tiny bit also helps tame frizz and fly-aways

7.        Mini hair clip, bobby pins and/or hair band for follicular emergencies

8.       Finally, a digital camera so you can capture and relive (or at least try to remember) every hilarious moment with your chicas the next day.

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