Going Green: Organic Beauty

May 21, 10 Going Green: Organic Beauty

organic beauty products They say ignorance is bliss, but not when it comes to the stuff you put on your face. Our mamis and abuelas didn’t have to worry about it, but we are becoming increasingly aware of the innumerable chemicals that go into making our favorite products; chemicals that are also harmful to the environment. And to top it off, 60% of these porquerías end up absorbed by our skin.

If you’re thinking of switching to organic products, first you need to know the difference between ‘natural’ and ‘organic’. ‘Natural’ products are made from botanical ingredients and may or may not contain chemicals, whereas ‘organic’ products are made from ingredients that are free of pesticides, chemicals or artificial fertilizers. In order to help you understand the concepts of organic beauty, Sephora created this nifty glossary.  Now, we know that while making the switch may seem like a great idea in theory, in practice it can be a bit hard on the old bolsillo. You can start by switching your most frequently used product, like moisturizer or hand wash, to an eco-friendly version. Just remember to stick to the brands that make a real effort to protect the environment like Aveda, Jurlique, Burt’s Bees and REN. Go green, chica. You’ll be doing yourself and the Earth a favor.”

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  1. I love to use natural product to pamper my skin and these all brand seem good to try out. I will definitely try one of them in my skincare routine.

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