Go Loco con El Coco

Jan 08, 10 Go Loco con El Coco

No mas!” our hair screams. If our hair could vocalize the pain it must feel from curling, drying, flat ironing, it would report us to the FBI for torture practices that make Al Qaeda look like Mary Poppins.

Espera! There is a natural ingredient that can make your hair feel soft, look shiny and have that “ooh la la” appearance. Imaginate, el coco! Virgin Coconut oil enhances the color of our hair, gives it a soft feel and even helps combat dandruff. You don’t even have to climb a coconut tree or pay an overly priced spa to get it. It is sold in most hair supply stores for under $8 dollars. Follow these simple steps:

Deep Treatment: Add a few tablespoons of pure virgin coconut oil to dry or slightly damp hair. Wrap the hair in a hot, wrung out towel or plastic bag, then cover with a thick dry towel. Allow the oil to work into hair for at least 30 minutes. The heat will allow the oil to penetrate and fully moisturize your hair.

Smooth Style: Add about half a teaspoon of coconut oil to damp hair after washing. Keep oil away from roots to avoid a greasy look. It’s best to start out with a small amount and add as you go because it’s really easy to go overboard. The only way to reverse an oily do is to wash again.

Relief from Dandruff/Scalp Conditions: Coconut oil has anti-fungal and anti-microbial qualities that help combat dandruff and bacterial scalp infections. Apply virgin coconut oil to the scalp. Occasionally leave it on for a prolonged period (30 minutes or so) before shampooing.

Hair Loss: Coconut oil is even believed to slow hair loss by revitalizing and exfoliating dead skin tissue from the scalp. Apply the oil directly to the scalp and massage with your fingertips for 5 minutes. Shampoo as usual.

Include coconut oil in your emergency survival kit, it’s the all-purpose miracle worker for your hair! For more information on coconut oil benefits visit:

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