Glam Gals

Nov 21, 11 Glam Gals

There are all sorts of amazing women out there. We’ve all been inspired by a strong, independent woman in our lives, be it a teacher, a friend or the abuelita who came to the US with nothing but the clothes on her back. We wish we could honor these women every day (and we probably should just by telling them how much they mean to us), but no one knows how to throw a girl-power party like Glamour Magazine. This year the magazine held its 21st Annual Women of the Year Awards in New York, sponsored by L’Oreal Paris. There were plenty of celebrities on hand, both to present and receive awards. This year’s honorees included Jennifer Lopez, Laura Bush and her daughters Jenna and Barbara, Chelsea Handler, Lea Michele, Arianna Huffington, designer Tory Burch and sex-trafficking activist Withelma “T”Ortiz-Macey. Feminist supreme Gloria Steinem received the Lifetime Achievement Award and congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords received a special recognition for her amazing journey following her horrific shooting. Some of the celebs that presented these rocking women with their awards included Jennifer Aniston, Donatella Versace, Emma Stone, Condoleezza Rice, Jessica Alba and Diane Sawyer. What an amazing group of women, all under one roof. Our sincere congratulations to them all, and keep up the good work chicas! See our Fan Page for Pictures and Videos of the event!

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