Get Rockin Abs Before Summer

Jan 20, 11 Get Rockin Abs Before Summer

So now that you are well on your way to having the butt of your dreams, how about killer abs to go with them? I mean, if your New Year’s resolution was to throw yourself into an exercise regime you might as well go all the way, right? Celebrity trainer Ary Nuñez comes to the rescue once again to teach you the moves you need to start busting out pronto in order to get a stomach like the old-school washboard your bisabuela used to wash her enaguas.  Follow this simple routine to flatten that panza in no time:

Triage Contractions – Three Positions

Center Position: plant bottom of feet together (shape from hips to feet should resemble triangle), support head and neck by placing hands at nape. You should not be able to see your elbows peripherally (this guarantees full support). Your back should never leave the floor as you contract your abs. Repeat 32 times.

Side Position: from center position simply place left leg over right careful not to lose the triangle. Your left knee should be directly over right knee,  nothing else changes. This guarantees complete isolation of left oblique. Repeat 32 times.

Back to Center: repeat exercise number 1.

Side Position 2: same as exercise number 2 except that now you are placing your right leg with bent knee on your left side. Repeat 32 times.

- Shaving the Shins – One Position

With back secure, especially small of back, bring knees into body with pointed toes and extend full range arms over head. Repeat 32 times. Rest one to one and half minutes and do another set of 32. Repeat 3 times.

- Bike and Park – One Position

It’s the classic cycle alternating legs in and out from body, expect that you hold the knee into body for 8 seconds 32 times, then 4 seconds 32 times, then 2 second 32 times, and finally one second. Alternate knees in reps. Total reps: 128.

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