Get Organized with this Orchestra App

Apr 04, 12 Get Organized with this Orchestra App

You got places to go and things to do but lately you can’t seem to stop adding to your mile long to-do list and overflowing planner. If you add one more Post It or business card, it’ll explode like a piñata at the hands of an overzealous 6-year old birthday boy. What have you been doing, chica? Plotting a worldwide take over? No seas chambona, mujer. It’s time to ditch that messy day planner, get organized and take advantage of one app everyone is talking about: Orchestra.

Simply download the app to your iPhone. The app lets you create and store all of your to-do lists right on your phone with just a few easy steps. One super cool thing about the Orchestra app is that it has voice recognition that allows you to add a task to a list. Just press the button and speak. And fuaquata! The app will add whatever you said. Just make sure to talk clearly. Mumbling and heavy accents may cause the app to misunderstand. For example, if you say something like “Negotiate pricing for AWNY event” it might be understood as “English a pricing for I need to vent”. Hmm.

After approving the task, you can set timed reminders to make sure you don’t forget to do anything. The app also lets you share your lists with other people, so now you can easily send your hombre your birthday wish list straight to his phone! Hey, you know how the saying goes, “Si no lloras, no mamas.” Now you can get back to more important things, like taking over the world.

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