Freedom Equals More Productivity For You

Feb 02, 12 Freedom Equals More Productivity For You

OK. Time to get to work. You’re just about to start that project that is due today at 2 PM sharp and suddenly “Ping!”, somebody just Facebooked you. Ay! La tentacion! You can just hear Facebook screaming, “Check me! Check me, please!” Esta bien. It’s only going to take one minute. And there begins the slippery slope.

You’re all set to get some work done, but between your FB feed and popping over to Perez Hilton to check the latest celebrity chismes, it’s pretty much impossible to focus. You would think as adult women we’d have the self-discipline to avoid these distractions, but apparently the appeal of the Internet is too great.

This seems to be an all too common problem these days. Must be why Freedom was created.  It’s an application you install in your computer that blocks you from using the Internet. You decide the time- out you can give yourself. Up to 8 hours! Think of everything you can accomplish! Zumba class?

You can only lift your self-imposed castigo by rebooting. Ha! It’s kind of like when your mami would stand behind you and watch you do your homework back when you were in  elementary school. Freedom won’t give you a cookie or a big hug when you’re done, but it will give you endless hours of uninterrupted distractions from your email, Twitter, Facebook and umm yes, even Pinterest!

Relax, chica. It’s only temporary, but the feeling of completing your projects will last much longer.


  1. Itzel Yagual /

    Yes, you are so right we often get side tracked. Luckily there are apps that can minimize the interruptions..

  2. Jai /

    What a great idea!!

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