Forbidden Love Never Tasted This Good

Jan 26, 12 Forbidden Love Never Tasted This Good

A love story mas caliente que Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Laura Esquival’s novel and movie, Like Water for Chocolate is a story about a 15 year old Mexicana, Tita, who is forbidden to marry her true love, Pedro, because family tradition forces her, the youngest of three daughters, to care for her mami until her death. Que trajedia!

But that doesn’t stop her from desiring him and expressing her feelings through cooking. Recipes like quail in rose petals that you can actually recreate yourself for your hombre. Or recipes that make you cry for your lost loved ones or lust for the touch of your lover.

The story takes on unexpected twists when her older sister marries Pedro, instead. Under the auspicious eye of her mother, Tita must live in temptation. Spiced up with the symbolism that makes our hearts hold out for our true love even when we know it’s forbidden fruit, Tita, is the one Latina we’re rooting for until the end of the story.

Luckily for us, we understand Spanish and even luckier for our non-Latino friends that the movie has subtitles. This is a must-see flick made to see with your man or all of your single Latina friends who believe in soul mates and the power of food.


  1. Teresa Dovalpage /

    Great review! I enjoyed the book a lot when I read it for the first time, but will start reading it again now…ademas, me da mucha hambre :-)

  2. Julia Amante /

    Great review. Thanks!

  3. Caridad Pineiro /

    Great review. I loved the book! I saw the movie in two different ways: Dubbed and in Spanish with subtitles. The second way was much better even for English speakers as you lost a lot of the wonderful dialogue and language in the dubbed version.

  4. Maria Ferrer /

    I loved the book. Didn’t realize there was a movie. Definitely a must see for February.

  5. Thelma T. Reyna /

    I totally loved the movie! If anyone saw the wonderful, funny indie film with Owen Wilson, “Bottle Rocket,” the actress who played Tita was the female star in this one. She did a great job in this movie, too! I liked the surrealistic touches in “Like Water for Chocolate.” Fantasy mixed with reality!

  6. Alina Garcia-Lapuerta /

    I loved both the movie and the book — and I remember it did make me hungry! I am glad that more people will have a chance to read it and hopefully see it.

  7. LaCosmo /

    Glad you loved the tip. More book reviews to come in the future. Must check out “Bottle Rocket.” Thank you Thelma. Help us let others know that books transcend in areas that movies can barely touch. Join our facebook page to discuss these topics and others. If you know any great books, contact us as well. Thank you again for all of your support.

    On another note: Has anyone taken up knitting after watching the movie? :)

  8. Ashley /

    Totally agree – the beninnigg was great and then…nothing happens. I felt like the book couldn't decide if it wanted to be a paranormal romance or a rom it just floated along.Nice review!

  9. Ivan /

    It is “Que tragedia!”, not “Que trajedia”

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