For A Good Time, Call JeJoue

Feb 22, 11 For A Good Time, Call JeJoue

You’re a girl who takes matters into her own hands, so to speak. You have needs and urges, and no time to wait around for a man to come into your life and satisfy them. If you are single and living la vida loca, then you are perfectly capable of, ahem, taking care of yourself. With the aid of some the most sophisticated pieces of machinery, of course. You may already have a favorite toy to accompany you on lonely nights, but get ready to make room on your nightstand for a new favorite playmate. Je Joue makes a range of sex toys that are designed to give you every type of pleasure imaginable. From massaging your G-spot to emulating oral sex, it does everything a man does except stress you out over the post-coital phone call. Your Je Joue will always be there for you, and it even remembers what you like for next time. It’s a silicone boyfriend in a box! Just don’t bring it home to meet mami.

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