Flippin’ Out

Apr 22, 10 Flippin’ Out

toothbrush covers You guys probably saw it, too. That show on the Discovery Channel about the amount of germs that accumulate on our toothbrushes (excuse me while I gag at the memory of it). It scarred me for life. Now I look at my toothbrush with trepidation, and not a little nausea. Brushing my teeth has officially become more terrifying than driving a Toyota. I bought one of those covers, but it turns out that they can be just as bad because they trap in moisture, making your toothbrush a ripe breeding ground for bacteria.

That’s why I’m thanking el cielo y todos los santos for Flipper holders. They keep your brush safe from airborne bacteria but they also have little vents that allow the bristles to stay dry. Plus, they are great for traveling. Just pop in the suitcase and go, no danger of contamination by dirty socks. The icing on the cake is the assortment of designs they come in: a variety of adorable little animals for the kid in you, or a gorgeous egg-shaped holder with a “spring breeze” motif. It might not be a bad idea to wash your toothbrush with a little boiling water every few days, though. Just to be on the safe side. That way you can save the feeling of unease for when you ride a Camry only.




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