Finding the Perfect Hotel with Google Hotel Finder

Apr 25, 12 Finding the Perfect Hotel with Google Hotel Finder

Que Emoción! You just booked a ticket to Istanbul. Up next. Booking a hotel. But can you trust one of those crazy travel sites that put you up in that seedy hotel in Peru last year? You thought you were getting a great deal, but that 4-star hotel turned out to be more upscale barn de mala muerte than a close version to the Ritz-Carlton you had hoped for.

Well, chica, you can say adios to any doubts on finding the perfect accommodation. With Google Hotel Finder you can search for lodging according to budget, user ratings, destination dates, or desired location. Other websites show you a couple of sorry photos, but this one uses Google Earth technology so you get a 360 degree digital picture of your entire hotel and it’s surroundings. It even allows you to move around and zoom in and out of the streets of the hotels you’re browsing, so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. I mean, how many times have you gotten all excited about getting to your beautiful hotel to unwind only to find that it’s in smack in the middle of the red light district, as in, ahem, brothels? Exactly.

This site also has a map with dots that shows you where all the hotels are in the city that you’re visiting. With this feature you can choose a hotel that is within short distance of a certain location you want to check out. This is perfect when you’re feeling particularly perezosa and don’t want to do a lot of walking, you lazy girl. We can’t guarantee how your trip will turn out but with help from Google Hotel Finder you can make sure that you can check in somewhere where you can finally get some much needed R&R & TLC. It is a vacation after all. The rest of Istanbul can wait until after your hot stone massage and some one-on-one you time.

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