Finding Beauty

Sep 14, 11 Finding Beauty

Growing up, your family’s home décor probably boasted one or more of the following: an assortment of porcelain figurines covering every available surface (including the top of the TV set), beaded curtains, plastic sofa covers and religious images galore. These are the decorative staples of many traditional Latino homes. Now that you have flown the nest, though, your taste may have evolved in a different direction. If you now prefer luxurious and sleek elements of design, then Beautiful Life is for you. Here you can find the latest and most creative furniture, art, jewelry, gadgets and much more. It’s an ideal site for designers (industrial, graphic, fashion – all types) but those of us laymen (laywomen? laychicas?) who simply appreciate beauty and innovation can find plenty to feast on as well, ‘cause they have nothing but the coolest of the cool up in here.

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