Filtered Water Bottles

Apr 30, 10 Filtered Water Bottles

filtered water bottles Remember when you were a kid and you could eat a sweet, refreshing piragua bought off a street vendor, without having to worry about stuff like your ecological footprint and weird toxins? Nowadays, you can’t even drink tap water without agonizing about what kind of freaky chemicals you’re ingesting. And of course we now know that bottled water is murder on the environment, so I ask you, what’s a chica to do?

For starters, you can try the new Ech2o water bottle by EcoUsable. This bottle is nothing short of a miracle; it has an incorporated filter that kills 99.99% of pollutants in water from just about any source:  tap, a river, a lake, even a pool (although from a personal standpoint, there’s no filter in the world powerful enough to make me want to drink pool water, and we all know why). They’re perfect to use when jogging or camping. Best of all, the bottles are made from stainless steel and they’re BPA-free, so your eco-conscience can rest at ease. They even come in multiple colors and designs, so your unique style will always shine through. So to recap, they are cute, affordable, good for your health and eco-friendly. Un éxito total, if you ask me.”

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